Classes and Clubs

Classes and Clubs

Whetstone Industries has implemented a series of classes and clubs offered to individuals who attend the program.  Classes and clubs are designed to gather individuals with like interests and develop those interests and skills through a small group setting.  If you have an interest in the classes offered click here for more information.


  • Safety – Safety class is designed to help people become aware of personal and community safety issues and gain knowledge to make choices that keep them safe.
  • Looking Good – The purpose of Looking Good is to inform individuals regarding hygiene and teach them skills to improve personal appearance.
  • Cooking/Nutrition  – Cooking/Nutrition class teaches participants cooking skills and provides nutritional information.
  • Circle of Friends – Circle of Friends is aimed at helping people learn about social relationships and develop skills that are appropriate in the workplace vs. home vs. community.
  • Arts and Crafts - Arts and Crafts class is designed to develop the creative interests of participants and give them an opportunity to explore various art forms.
  • Let’s Get Moving – Participants in the Let’s Get Moving class are involved in activities that get them moving and exercising in a fun way based on their ability.
  • Money Matters – This class teaches individual skills to effectively use and manage money, including understanding the value and use of money and developing skills needed to budget their resources.
  • Project Stir - Project Stir provides individuals with the tools to advocate for themselves, mobilize others in advocacy and gain leadership experience.
  • Citizenship – The purpose of Citizenship class is to inform individuals regarding local civil issues.
  • Sensory Activities – This class helps people become comfortable with different types of sensory stimulation while learning how to process different types of information.
  • Animal Matters – The purpose of animal matters is to expose individuals to a variety of animals and teach them the skills and resources needed to effectively care for those animals.



  • Speaker’s Bureau – The purpose of the Speaker’s Bureau is to give individuals a platform to express themselves and tell their story and become speakers for Whetstone Industries.
  • People First of Morrow County – People First if a self-advocacy group that is part of the self-determination path that was developed through Project STIR and teaches participants about choice, confidence and community invlovement.
  • Book Club – Book Club is designed to give participants who love stories an opportunity to read or have read to them books and enjoy activities associated with those books.
  • Seniors – Seniors is for individuals age 55 and up to come together and share in activities.
  • Scrapbooking/Lifebook – This group gives individuals an opportunity to build a scrapbook to chronicle their life experiences.
  • Animal Lovers – This club exposes individuals to a variety of animals.
  • Music Makers -Music makers club gives individuals a platform to express their love of music through a variety of activities.
  • Gardening Club – Gardening Club is a seasonal club to provide participants an opportunity to produce flowers and vegetables.
  • Football Fanatic – This seasonal club gives football fans a social experience to share their love of the game.
  • Wrestling Wranglers – The purpose of this seasonal group is to give fans of professional wrestling a social experience to share the professional wrestling world together.