Whetstone Industries

Whetstone Industries

Whetstone Industries is a nonprofit corporation that provides employment, enclave vocational opportunities, and adult day services for individuals with developmental disabilities in Morrow County.  We provide employment opportunities and day supports and services best suited to the needs and desires of the individual.  We strive to develop individualized services to support you in enjoying greater independence and the things in your life that are important to you.


Vocational Opportunities

Vocational opportunities are provided through Whetstone Industries, Inc., a non-profit corporation. Whetstone Industries’ employment provides the support that each individual needs to work successfully.  Individual work schedules are flexible.

Adult Day Supports

Whetstone Industries provides many different non-vocational opportunities for those individuals who do not wish to work or desire to retire.  Individuals are offered the opportunity to engage in many different clubs and classes and group and individual activities designed to spark the individual’s cognitive, social and sensory interests.  Adult Day Supports are focused on developing and sharpening individual skills and helping each person take steps to increased independence.


The Morrow County Board of Developmental Disabilities provides transportation to and from regular Board services, and to specialized events through the use of both Board vehicles and regular community transportation services, at no cost to individuals who attend Whetstone Industries.

Special Olympics

The Morrow County Board of Developmental Disabilities sponsors numerous teams and athletes that participate in a very successful Special Olympics program.  Organized activities are scheduled after work hours and on weekends.  Special Olympics provides year round competition in a variety of sports.  The Morrow County Special Olympics program offers official sports: track and field, basketball, bowling, softball, soccer, volleyball, and golf.

Community Outreach

Whetstone Industries recognizes that individuals like to be a part of the community and have talents that can contribute to their community in a meaningful way.  We are committed to offering individuals opportunities to give back to the community by finding volunteer opportunities that match individuals’ interests and abilities.